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20.03.2018 Traditional Nauryz kozhe: Tamara Assar's recipe

On the eve of Nauryz holiday, all families in Kazakhstan cook traditional soup Nauryz kozhe consisting of seven ingredients. Here is how a well-known Kazakh singer Tamara Assar cooks it.

Hello everyone! At last the long-awaited Nauryz is here! Everyone knows that Nauryz celebration does not do without Nauryz kozhe. So how is it made? What are the peculiarities of cooking it? Sure, there is no one recipe and each region has its own one and everyone makes it with ingredients that are available. It is only necessary to use seven ingredients.

And today we will be making the main festive dish, Nauryz kozhe with singer Tamara Assar. Welcome, Tamara hanym!

- Hello, my dear compatriots! I'm happy to be here with you on this holiday. I congratulate you on the fact that our Independence gave us the opportunity to celebrate days like this.
- Tamara hanym, share your recipe of Nauryz kozhe with us. How are we going to cook today?
- It is often said that every people have their own customs. In each family, in each region, there is a recipe. And I'll make my version of Nauryz kozhe. To prepare Nauryz kozhe we'll use dried meat that's left from sogym. There should be seven ingredients in Nauryz kozhe, including cereals, meat, and kurt. In my recipe, I use broth from kazy and dried meat. To add flavor we'll throw in some kurt. We cook it in wooden bowl. Later on, we add the wheat. You can also throw in some raisins. The broth is boiling to which we added wheat, corn, and millet.
- Tamara hanym, in every region Nauryz kozhe is made differently. For example, we in the south, use lentils and peas instead of wheat. What is the peculiarity of kozhe of your region?
- We add wheat and corn.
- Could you sing something to us while our kozhe is being made.
- I'll sing a folk song.
- All our folk songs and dishes are about nostalgia.

Now we cut the meat.

- Kazakhs would always use everything and never were wasteful. Today you can't always find the exact ingredients our grandmothers used in their Nauryz kozhe.

- One can order from the northern regions, where they find those ingredients. Kazakhs say "every mullah does as he knows." Therefore, everyone cooks with what is in the house.

- I came here today with my samovar. And want to invite you for tea after Nauryz kozhe. Samovars are made of brass and copper. First samovar was brought to the Kazakh land by Esseney bi. And my hobby is to paint them.

- The Nauryz kozhe our grandparents used to make was special. What's the secret?

- - Everyone makes it their own way. Let's taste our kozhe. Looks like it needs more salt. Could you pass it to me? Last year in the village Akbulak, Kyzylorda region I had a chance to taste Nauryz kozhe with strawberries, I still remember its special taste.
- Our Nauryz kozhe is ready.

- I want to greet everyone on Nauryz and wish you good health for years to come. To all viewers, readers, observers, and critics of Kazinform I wish all the best. If you want to try my Nauryz kozhe, please contact this site.

Thank you for being the guest of Kazinform. These flowers are for you.

- Do you know how we greet each other on Nauryz? This is how it's done with both hands, like this.

Happy Nauryz!
Video by Ilzat Safargaliyev