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11.07.2018 Radio Asia Song Festival 2018

Singers from Kazakhstan, India, Turkmenistan, Maldives, China, Nepal, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Vietnam will appear before the footlights at Kazmedia Hall.

RadioAsia Conference 2018
Radio – Unity and Diversity is the title of this year’s RadioAsia Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.
The conference will address in very practical ways one of the greatest challenges facing Radio broadcasters in the Second Digital Age (New Media and evolution of Web 3.0) Broadcasters around the world are venturing deeper and deeper into areas where new technologies, platforms and production methods become increasingly flexible and volatile, where convergence one minute becomes divergence the next.
How can radio broadcasters maintain their essential public service role as mass media unifying society while at the same time addressing each citizen-consumer’s individual, personal information, education and entertainment needs?
RadioAsia 2018 will bring together experts and practitioners from across the region and around the world to help us chart paths through this increasingly complex landscape. The conference typically attracts more than 300 radio, technology and new meda industry professionals to share our challenges, seek solutions and witness what actually works in everyday broadcasting.
This year’s conference will address the key issues of Radio – Unity and Diversity from a number of perspectives to engage everyone involved in radio production and dissemination. Whether you are leading an organisation or working directly in areas such as news and content production, engineering, online technologies, new media, audience relations, media regulation or government, the conference will have sessions that speak directly to your needs.
RadioAsia 2018 is fortunate to have KAZMEDIA as its host. For the first time, this key Radio event will be held in  Central Asia, where Europe meets the Asia-Pacific and were ancient trade routes meet 21st Century communications technology.  
We look forward to seeing you in Astana Kazakhstan!