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01.04.2019 Nur-Sultan welcomes Japanese art of storytelling Rakugo

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – Kanariya Eiraku and other promoters of Rakugo, the Japanese traditional narrative art, gave a performance in Nur-Sultan organized by Canary English RAKUGO Company with the support of the Japanese Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Rakugo is a form of company that uses stories with humorous punchlines. Mr. Kanariya is a promoter of English Rakugo, his performance was designed to be easily understood and enjoyed by foreigners.
Video by Ilzat Safargaliyev, Zhanserik Akhmedin

Kanariya Eiraku started English Rakugo classes in Tokyo in 2007. Since then he has performed Rakugo in English both in Japan and abroad. So far he has toured several states in the US, Denmark and Laos. He also introduces Japanese songs in English using ukulele. He teaches performance in English at universities.

Kanariya Peako started English Rakugo in 2016 in the hope of keeping her brain work properly for another few decades. Peako has since been performing proactively both in Japan and abroad. Her most notable performances include ones in San Francisco, San Mateo and LA in 2018.

Kanariya Banban has been performing English Rakugo since 2013 out of her wish to perform traditional Japanese art. She adores being on stage alone expressing herself wearing kimono and sitting on a traditional cusion.

Kanariya Koraku is a rookie Rakugo performer. After having lived and worked in the US, Europe and Africa, Koraku realized no one took him seriously because of the way he talked. He soon realized that he could really be himself in telling silly stories on stage doing Rakugo. His dream is to make people around the globe laugh perfoming Rakugo in different languages.