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23.08.2018 Fire drill at the Abu Dhabi Plaza

The Fire-fighting and Rescue Services government-owned institution of the Astana Emergency Department conducts a fire drill at the Abu Dhabi Plaza multipurpose complex on August 23.
The drill checks the level of interaction between the firefighting service units and the operating personnel of the facility in suppressing a conditional fire and ensuring the safe evacuation of people and material assets.
According to the exercise scenario, during welding operations in a room on the 35th floor, construction materials and timber caught on fire, and the spread to the 36th floor.
Having found out there is a fire, the operating staff informs the firefighting service by dialing 101 and begins evacuating the people from the building. At the same time, they start extinguishing the fire using the basic fire-fighting equipment. 
The main purpose of the fire drill is to exercise methods and techniques for evacuating people, extinguishing fires and carrying out rescue operations in high occupancy buildings.